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Top # Search Engines List For Webmasters

Top Search Engines List
Web search engine is a software which crawls whole internet and indexes (stores) to make World wide web available to you at your finger tips. Google Bing Yahoo Baidu Yandex DuckDuckGo Naver Seznam Regardless of who(audience) you are targeting either…

How to read input from console in Java

How to read Console Input in java
There are 3 different ways to read input from console in java. We can read input from console by using any one of the following Class. Scanner Class BufferedReader Class Console Class Read Console Input using Scanner Class Possibly this…

Python keyword only arguments

Python Keyword-Only Arguments
Python 3 got new feature called keyword-only arguments. Python has already a support for variables length positional arguments and variable length keyword arguments. Jump to, Current Syntax Keyword Only Arguments Keyword Only Arguments Syntax Keyword Only Arguments with no varargs…

Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) Explained

Cross Origin Resource Sharing
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is the mechanism to allow content loaded from one (main) origin to access the selected resources available from servers at different origin. This mechanism of accessing resources at different origin is called CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing).…

Python Operators

Python Operators
Operators are building blocks of all kind of operation we can do in any programming language. Operators are basically the symbols which operate on at least one or more operands. Operators are surrounded by literals or variables which are called…