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JavaScript: String.fromCharCode vs String.fromCodePoint

String.fromCharCode vs String.fromCodePoint
String.fromCodePoint was introduced in ES6 to address shortcomings of String.fromCharCode to deal with UNICODE. Discussing String.fromCharCode vs String.fromCodePoint, both methods receive sequence of code points but String.fromCharCode require surrogate pair for supplementary characters while String.fromCodePoint also can receive directly code…

Reintroduction to Java Data Types

Reintroduction To Java Data Types
Primarily “Data types” in java can be categorized into two types. That are, Primitive and Non Primitive or Reference data types. Primitive data types can be classified into four groups boolean, character, floating point and Integers. Everything else other than…

Manage Swap Space on Linux/CentOS

Manage Swap Space Linux
Swap memory or Swap space is reserved space on disk which is part of virtual memory system. Swap space is configured as either partition or file on Linux. It can be added or removed any time. Operating System uses the…