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Manage Swap Space on Linux/CentOS

Manage Swap Space Linux
Swap memory or Swap space is reserved space on disk which is part of virtual memory system. Swap space is configured as either partition or file on Linux. It can be added or removed any time. Operating System uses the…

Amazing Linux Command Line Tips and Tricks

Linux Command Line Tips & Tricks
In an operating system, Command line is a tool which provides the typing interface to perform commands on computer. This article will walk you trough some time saving tips to working with Linux command line. Switch working directory to home…

Linux Shell Command Tips For Files and Directories

Linux Shell Command Tips For Files and Directories
This article would give you quick Linux command tips to perform operation and work with files and directories effectively Create Multiple Directories at once mkdir path/to/{test,work,pictures,newDir} No spaces around comma ( , ) in side curly braces {} Above command…