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Top Search Engines List
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Web search engine is a software which crawls whole internet and indexes (stores) to make World wide web available to you at your finger tips.

Regardless of who(audience) you are targeting either domestic(local) or global . To better reach you audience you need to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines crawl internet by following links they encounter but we can speed up things by feeding these search engines manually using web master tools they offer.

If you really care about global exposure and getting traffic from across the glob don’t just limit your self by one search engine. Optimize your site for multiple search engines & multiple languages.


Well, well. I think google needs no introduction. Google is the most popular search engine in the world with highest search engine mark share.

Google search console(and google analytics) is the go to place for webmaster to manage their properties, submit sitemaps and monitor traffic.

Google webmaster tools

Google Search Console

Google search console tools & reports will help you to submit/update sitemap, analyse and measure search traffic, spot search trends, measure performance, identify issues, monitor search impressions/click trough rate and fix issues. More than anything google search console helps you to make sure your site is visible in google search results.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a service that provides statics and analytical tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is lot powerful than it seems. Google analytics can be used to monitor site traffic and optimize websites for both users and search engines.


Bing is the search engine which is owned by Microsoft. Bing is decedent of it’s previous search engines “MSN Search”, “windows live search” and “Live Search”, these search engines were replaced by (re-branded as ) Bing. Microsoft officially replaced Live Search by Bing on 2009. Now, bing is one of biggest search engine competing with google and others. As of 2019 it is in second place with market share 2.41%.

Big Webmaster Tools

Bing webmaster tools are like google search console and google analytics. Use Bing webmaster tools to submit your website and it’s sitemap to get indexed by Bing.

Add your site and verify against Bing to start monitoring your search appearances.

Yahoo Yahoo Search

Yahoo! search engine is owned by american company yahoo which was launched in 1995. As of 2019 Yahoo reserves 3rd place in search engine market share after Bing. Yahoo and Microsoft had a deal in 2009 where yahoo search would be powered by Bing. Yahoo launched it’s localized versions in many countries.

As of writing this article Yahoo! doesn’t offer any webmaster tools or portal to manage websites since it uses Bing behind. Adding your site on Bing would help.


Baidu is the biggest popular search engine in China. It is china’s local search engine. Because of the fact that china having so many internet consumers. Search engine baidu stands fourth in a row after yahoo according to market share.


Yandex is the web search engine in Russia which is owned by Russian corporation Yandex. Yandex search engine is a strong competitor for google in Russia. As of 2019 Yandex is in 4th place after Baidu according to it’s market share.

Yandex Webmaster

Yandex Webmaster is the portal where you can submit sitemap, monitor search engine appearance, stats and performance.


The web search engine DuckDuckGo known as DDG . Which is known as DuckDuckGo the search engine that doesn’t track you. DuckDuckGo is getting popular, more and more people are using it who are concerned about privacy and online tracking. It is minimalistic, doesn’t store personal information, doesn’t follow with ads and tracking. Since it doesn’t track, it won’t provide an personalized search results.

As of 2019 DuckDuckGo has market share of 0.41%. DDG gets revenue from Yahoo-Bing Search alliance network and affiliate links.

The search engine DuckDuckGo doen’t offer any webmaster tools to submit your website. Submitting your site and sitemap at Google and Bing would help. Duckduckgo uses multiple search sources to index, once your site is picked by other search engines, it will show up on DuckDuckGo as well.

The Naver is a regional web search engine which is quite popular and ranked first in South Korea. Naver has more than 72% of market share in South Korea. Naver offers other suite of tools including web search like translation service etc.

Naver Featured Services Naver Webmaster Tools

Seznam Search is the regional search engine which serves “Czech Republic” and “Slovakia”. It is founded in 1996 which offers 15+ other services along with internet search. Seznam is the strongest competitor in Czech Republic for google. Seznam ranks second after google in Czech Republic.

Other Regional Search Engines

Japan: Goo Israel: Walla

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