• Install OpenCV on Windows Using Binaries

    Install OpenCV with OpenCV_contrib on Windows Using Binaries

    OpenCV stands for “Open Source Computer Vision Library”. It is a computer vision and machine learning library. It gives your programs the ability to see, read, manipulate and detect…

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  • Python Function - Argument Types

    Types of function arguments in python

    Unlike many other programming languages python supports multiple types formal arguments in the function definition. It is one of the flexibility that python offers. Types of function (formal) arguments…

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  • Endianness. Little Endian vs Big Endian

    Endianness. Little Endian vs Big Endian

    Endianness describes the byte order in which bytes of large values are stored, transferred and accessed. Based on order in which bytes are stored, transmitted and accessed there are…

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  • Python Keyword-Only Arguments

    Python keyword only arguments

    Python 3 got new feature called keyword-only arguments. Python has already a support for variables length positional arguments and variable length keyword arguments. Jump to, Current Syntax Keyword Only…

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  • View Django ORM's raw SQL queries

    How to view converted SQL queries of Django ORM

    Django provides the ORM which is database and vendor agnostic, as a result we can perform operations on database regardless kind of database running behind.Thus, developer may not need…

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  • Python Operators

    Python Operators

    Operators are building blocks of all kind of operation we can do in any programming language. Operators are basically the symbols which operate on at least one or more…

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  • What is Python, why python, how and where it is used?

    What is python, why python, How and where it is used ?

    What is Python Python is well know popular programming language Created by Guido Van Rossum. Python is general purpose, platform independent, interpreted, strong and dynamic typed programming language. As…

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