• Looping in Shell Scripting Explained

    Looping in Shell Scripting Explained

    Loops are programming constructs that some particular statement needs to be executed repetitively for a finite number of time with respect to the given condition. Loops that are available…

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  • How to manually assign IP Address to network interface on CentOS/Linux using command line

    How to configure network interface to manually assign IP address on Linux: CentOS

    This article will help to configure network interface on Linux manually Prerequisites to configure network interface To configure network interface following things are required Terminal or SSH Access to…

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  • Compile and install python from source on Linux

    Compile and Install Python from Source On Linux

    All Linux distributions come with latest stable python release. Yet, if you want to try out new python for its elegant new features. You can compile and install it…

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  • Linux Command Line Tips & Tricks

    Amazing Linux Command Line Tips and Tricks

    In an operating system, Command line is a tool which provides the typing interface to perform commands on computer. This article will walk you trough some time saving tips…

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  • Linux Shell Command Tips For Files and Directories

    Linux Shell Command Tips For Files and Directories

    This article would give you quick Linux command tips to perform operation and work with files and directories effectively Create Multiple Directories at once mkdir path/to/{test,work,pictures,newDir} No spaces around…

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  • K8s Development Pack

    Setting up Minikube and kubectl for Kubernetes Development

    Minikube is a tool that makes it easy to run and setup kubernetes cluster for development locally on laptop or desktop. Minikube runs a single node cluster inside given…

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