• scanf() vs gets() functions in c-language

    Difference between scanf() and gets() in C Language

    Both functions scanf() and gets() are used to read the input from standard input (keyboard) But, there are differences in how they treat the input. scanf() Function gets() Function…

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  • Characters and Strings in Go Language

    Characters and Strings in Go Language

    Go Programming language has two data types rune and string that are used to define characters and strings in go respectively Characters in Go Characters are runes in go…

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  • String.fromCharCode vs String.fromCodePoint

    JavaScript: String.fromCharCode vs String.fromCodePoint

    String.fromCodePoint was introduced in ES6 to address shortcomings of String.fromCharCode to deal with UNICODE. Discussing String.fromCharCode vs String.fromCodePoint, both methods receive sequence of code points but String.fromCharCode require surrogate…

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